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Sound Systems

The separate worlds of scenic effect, lighting and sound systems are converging, and technical systems for the future should respond to this. We look for opportunities to digitally surround the audience by elegant or hidden placement of the speakers wherever they could be imagined, thus allowing the design and artistry of the sound designer to be realised. We are strategic in the routing of services around the building to allow for the latest protocols of digital mixing processing and routing of facilities all around, with flexibility for the long term.

The design and brief of the system and equipment will be arrived at after discussion with the client to realise their ambitions. There will be continual liaison with the client and end users. We will take the lead on drawing layouts and sourcing devices, and will set up a procedure for review with the client technical staff so that everyone understands and accepts what they are getting.

Acoustic Sound Space Design

Our sister company Acoustic Sound Space Design achieves high quality sound in concert halls, theatres, music and theatre education buildings, sound studios, lecture auditoria and the wider built environment. Focused on perception-based design, ultimately the quality and qualities of sound, they bring together concern for people, design expertise, project experience and forward looking technology with a sensitivity to architectural design and operational efficiency. They create productive collaboration with architects, theatre consultants and clients, pushing the boundaries of architectural design, while achieving the best possible acoustics for the intended uses. The services and skills they bring to the team include room geometry and finishes, services noise control and sound isolation.

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