Anne Minors Performance Consultants


Anne Minors' concern with the performer/ audience relationship within the visual design of the space, and the seamless integration of the technology to achieve a beautiful, contemporary and successful design with architects, mark AMPC out from their competitors.

AMPCs' mission is to create spaces for performance that inspire others' creativity and support the performance with a flexible framework.

The very nature of performance requires a mutual interdependency between performer and audience. This ethos underlines the work at AMPC who interact with the design team as part of the creative process - conceptualists informing interpretation.

We offer a lynchpin service between the client of a performing arts facility, the architect who is designing the building and the rest of the design team who are detailing the electrical, mechanical and structural aspects of the design. As the building prepares to open there are operational discussions and box office advice to give. AMPC believe in anticipating and achieving the right ambience throughout the theatrical journey: from arrival at the venue to all the different routes and encounters experienced whilst there.

We have a long experience of the building industry in all parts of the world and know how to achieve artistic excellence within budget and space constraints.

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We create spaces for performance that inspire others' creativity