Annette Strauss Artist Square TX, United States

Last jigsaw piece for arts quarter

A permanent external stage pavilion was required for local groups to perform concerts, theatre and dance with up to 5000 audience. It would form the final part of the Arts District in Dallas, first envisaged in the 1980s.

Annette Strauss Square, Flora Street, Dallas, TX, United States
Annette Strauss Artist Square - Dallas Arts District for the Dallas Opera Co., Texas, USA.
Foster & Partners

Annette Strauss Artist Square




Annette Strauss Artist Square Conception

AMPC identified the height, width and depth of the stage house and nature of equipment needed.

We recommended the rake of landscape to give good sightlines to sitting and standing audiences in relation to the stage height.

Annette Strauss Artist Square Gestation

AMPC collaborated with Foster and Partners to develop a permanent sculptural stage house that can remain all year around with equipment and seating locked away in storage out of season. The new enclosed stage provides enhanced lighting and staging opportunities.

A state-of-the-art audio system tracks out from the stage enclosure and directs sound to the audience in the performance lawn area which slopes towards the stage, with elevated side terraces providing excellent stage views.

The architect created a cladding design to break down the scale of the stage house.

Annette Strauss Artist Square Birth

Annette Strauss Square opened in September 2010 with a festival of events by local groups.

Activities, shows & life of the project

The stage has been used for simultaneous broadcast from the Dallas Opera stage, tripling the audience. The venue has enabled a new level of programming to host a wider range of performance art events, multi-day festivals and engage broader community involvement.