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Auditorium Form

AMPC believe that the auditorium form stems from the unique combination of the range of performances that the client wishes to put on; the optimum relationship for the audience to experience those performances and the level of exposure of one part of the audience to another to create a sense of the whole. In other words, we work from the stage out to the audience.

Through probing dialogue with the client we would uncover the essence of their relationships to the spaces in which they work, and create one or more concept forms for initial discussion. Once the basic spatial form is apparent then a dialogue with the architect, client and design team takes the design forward and adds to its complexity and richness. AMPC quickly sets out the rakes, balcony heights, width and depth and the stage dimensions at the appropriate level of detail for the architect to integrate with the foyers and backstage. This proactive first step is key to achieving the client's desired quality and cost targets because it sets a solid direction with client "buy-in" and makes the room form clear and the reasons for it to the architect.

We assist the architect to achieve great architecture and work within their aesthetic preferences. We enjoy the collaborative process and work to inspire the architect to their greatest work. We are experienced at achieving a quality result whatever the budget and we are proactive in our designs to put markers down on the key dimensions and relationships around which the design can evolve. Later in the process we provide drawings and specifications for seating and specialist support systems with knowledge of the best contractors and the most cost-effective ways to set up the contracts.

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The auditorium form combines performance with an audience's experience