Susanne Bochmann 

Susanne’s study of Theatre and Event Engineering combined a detailed knowledge of mechanical engineering with the practical needs of performance. Having studied machine elements, statics, theatre engineering, building laws, materials handling, principles of electrical engineering, engineering design, CAD, scenography and lighting technology, Susanne has a total insight over all aspects of technical theatre. This knowledge was put into practice through her experience as a stage hand in the assembly of sets, set changes during performances and rehearsals at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Berlin together with building a wide range of projects such as exhibitions, small scale opera productions, the design of stage engineering equipment and the development of a customised lighting control.

Susanne also has experience as a lighting technician, which included setting up lighting equipment for performances, operating lights during performances and rehearsals, the making of customised lights and maintenance work at theatres. She has also been involved in scenic construction with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Theater Basel, Switzerland, where Susanne also worked for the technical design department, producing workshop drawings, engineering design, cost estimates and coordination of scenic construction. Susanne built on this experience working for a theatre engineering company, with the technical design and drafting for scenery for the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, the Deutsche Oper Berlin and others.