Anne Minors

Anne is a musically-trained architect and theatre consultant who enjoys collaborating with architects and engineers to create performing arts buildings of beauty and functionality in equal measure. She has collaborated with many internationally leading architects and successfully delivered projects in four continents. She was Head of Design at Theatre Projects Consultants for 10 years, working simultaneously in the Far East and North America. She founded Anne Minors Performance Consultants in 1996 to offer the theatre industry and arts world a holistic and consistent quality approach to the multi-disciplinary aspects of theatre consulting.

Anne is interested in how space is perceived by different senses and how performers and audience respond. She took this further with an MA in Theatre Consulting at Warwick University in 2012. She lectures regularly to architecture schools, acoustics, theatre and scenography conferences. As well as singing regularly, Anne has a long term involvement in extending the accessibility of the arts to local children in her community, and the role of the arts in health and wellbeing.