We create spaces which enhance and facilitate creative communication. We pay attention to every aspect of audience and performance experience. We bring our depth of practical knowledge together with the most up to date technology to make the most of any project. We love to stimulate regeneration and to inspire audiences of the future.

Practice profile

Our vision

Our vision is to create a better, more harmonious world through engaging our skills and offering a canvas to others. Where the power of the arts and music bring harmony to people’s lives, not only in the high arts but locally and effectively.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide each community with a unique aspirational gathering space which inspires positive social activity and active listening.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to use our skills, knowledge and experience to guide clients and design teams toward affordable and pragmatic solutions to their brief. Creating rooms for rapport – promoting concord between people; enabling communication delighting all senses – being the bridge between construction, the arts and humanity.

Our values

Integrity, openness, collaboration, creative, willing and proactive.

Buildings can be catalyst for physical regeneration, impact the cultural landscape and inspire future generations through their community activities.

How we do it

We invoke our skills, knowledge and experience to guide clients and design teams toward affordable and pragmatic solutions to their brief. We offer a lynchpin service between the client of a performing arts facility, the architect who is designing the building and the rest of the design and technical teams. Every project is unique. We pride ourselves that every auditorium we originate is handcrafted and special. We work with our clients from the original concept through every stage of detailed development. We consider every level of a project from its relationship to the surrounding area to the comfort and disposition of audience facilities within and around the building. No detail is too small to have an impact on the whole experience.

Why we do it

Arts buildings are one of the markers in the development of world cities, and generators for their future culture.

Gathering people together physically is fundamental to being human – to communicate and to have a sense of belonging. The arts reflect our common humanity and have the ability to transform, particularly when gathered in the same space and stimulating all the senses.  We enjoy creating spaces that enable artists to do great work and great communicators to make an impact.

At one extreme, these spaces can be of national significance, such as the Royal Opera House or part of the development of a world city such as Singapore Esplanade, or Zorlu Centre Istanbul, or a catalyst to the regeneration of a city such as the Lowry Centre in Manchester.

Equally important are the smaller performance spaces that are the seed corn of the artistic communities of the future.

Local community gathering spaces, school theatres and tertiary education facilities are fundamental for the arts ecology as are the artists whose ideas take the industry forward.

Who we are

Anne Minors Performance Consultants (AMPC) was launched by Anne Minors, theatre architect in 1996, her vision to combine her architectural skills with her love of and experience of performing music. This led her to create holistic performance spaces which unite performers and audience in a memorable and intimate experience.

AMPC’s team includes expert specialists with backgrounds in drama, opera-making, music and teaching. We collaborate closely and have produced a continuum of successful performance spaces in 4 continents, which reflect the local culture and yet are of international standing.

Alumni 1996-2015

Ana Serrano, Chloe Sharratt, Danielle Wilson, David Collett, David Ripley, David Zerafa, Eduardo Guasque,  Eunice Lapeiro, Fikir Channyalew, Fiona Maclean,  Giles Favell, Guy Kornetzki, Izuna Tanaka, Julian Sleath, Juliette Blondelle, June Taylor, Karsten Komp, Lars Jensen, Mark Simpkin, Mike Seignior, Peter Ruthven Hall, Philip Heselton, Ray Carter, Rene Chana, Rich Walsh, Scott Myers, Steve Roberts, Stuart Porter, Terry Barker, Tomo Hirayu, Urszula Sagar, Valentina Aloe, Vera Pasmore, Veronica Giuliani, Yvonne Gilbert


Jane Wernick, Mark White, Paule Constable, Richard Borkum, Gavin Sadler, Neil Darracott




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