Palace of Peace and Reconciliation Astana, Kazakhstan

Enlightening the operatic experience

The Building Contractor committed to delivering a pyramid form designed by Lord Foster for a meeting place for all the heads of the worlds' religions within a two year timeframe.
A further client request to build an opera house under the Pyramid led to AMPC's appointment to Foster and Partners.

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, Tauelsizdik Avenue, Astana, Kazakhstan
Palace of Peace and Reconciliation Opera House, Astana, Kazakhstan.
Foster & Partners

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation




Palace of Peace and Reconciliation Conception

Extreme weather and climate conditions necessitated ground excavations to be carried out only between March and September, just three months after AMPC’s appointment.

Therefore, AMPC designed the concept and geometry for the 1500 seat auditorium form and stage and all the performance equipment with all the constraints of the pyramid structure in three months, liaising with the local Opera Company.

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation Gestation

AMPC collaborated with Foster and Partners, London and Tabanlioglu Architects, Istanbul to develop the auditorium and stage design in detail.

The Opera house ceiling was particularly complex being also the floor of the inner pyramid, allowing daylight through, and acoustically isolating the two spaces.

The ceiling structure also incorporated the production lighting to the stage and supported the petal elements of the ceiling design.

AMPC worked with the architects in London and Istanbul, the main contractor in Turkey and Astana, and the stage engineering contractor in Hangzhou, China to deliver the building in time.

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation Birth

A fully operational theatre for an opening concert in front of a VIP audience was held on time meeting the building deadline in time for the send Congress in 2006.

Activities, shows & life of the project

The Opera House is a receiving venue for touring artists from European Opera houses and local Kazakh singers.

For its opening weekend performers came from Madrid and Milan, including Montserrat Caballe, and Roberto Alagna.