The Egg Bath, UK

Responding to the children’s visions

The sale of a converted cinema within a rusticated Bath stone parish hall adjacent to Theatre Royal Bath offered an opportunity to develop the theatre’s education programme.
The brief for the children’s theatre was created through visualisation workshops.
Children wanted a conventional theatre of their own with individual seats and the education leader wanted space to transform from theatre to workshop.

Theatre Royal Bath, Saw Close, Bath, UK
The Egg, Bath, UK
Haworth Tompkins Ltd

The Egg




The Egg Conception

AMPC collaborated with Haworth Tompkins on the form of the theatre balcony and shallow rake of stalls to meet the client seat count requirements.

AMPC made models of 4 different options for the technical gallery form to arrive at the best relationship with the new stage, existing walls and windows.

AMPC provided performance specifications for performance lighting, sound, rigging and seating.

The Egg Gestation

AMPC developed Tip-up bench seating that followed the elliptical plan of the balcony and laid out balcony seating to minimise circulation area.

From seating workshops held with children and architects exploring shape, colour, materials and design of bench seating. AMPC developed bench seating with individually expressed seating cushions.

We combined different seating heights on platform rake to maximise sightlines in minimal floor depth.

Developed performance specifications for technical equipment and integrated light positions with the structural design.

The Egg – 02




All the reconfigurations have been successfully utilised by visiting companies and resident companies alike – some designing their shows specifically for the egg. The sightlines, crucial when one is dealing with small people, too work very well.

The Egg, Bath, UK

Kate Cross

The Egg

The Egg Birth

Inspiring space for children and adults to perform and watch within. The flexibility of the floor landscape, the informal seating and the opportunity to have daylight allows every imagination to grow.

Activities, shows & life of the project

Well loved and owned by the children, especially those who contributed to its design.

Together with the welcoming cafe below, and rehearsal room above, the Egg has an enviable reputation for children’s theatre. Developing sensory theatre using smells, such as fresh grass lawn in production.

Regularly used for Junior Ted talks.