Ruddock Performing Arts Centre Birmingham, United Kingdom

Saving costs, maintaining design

The King Edward School for Boys and the King Edward VI High School for Girls, Birmingham wanted a combined performing arts centre for concerts, light opera, drama, dance and school assemblies.
The project had been designed by another team and was over budget.
AMPC were bought on board as they were a team retained by the Contractor, whose mission was to take out £1m in order to deliver the building for £7.2m.

King Edward's School, Birmingham, United Kingdom
King Edward's School, Birmingham, UK.
ADP Architects

Ruddock Performing Arts Centre




Ruddock Performing Arts Centre Conception

AMPC liaised with the heads of the music and drama departments to identify cost and efficiency savings: simplifying details of the concert hall form and identifying cost effective mechanisms for delivering flexible acoustics and variable stage risers in the concert hall.

The originally proposed rigging system within the theatre was simplified and the technical infrastructure to all spaces (503 capacity concert hall, 120 capacity studio theatre, dance rehearsal space and 12 music practice rooms) was re-assessed, rationalised and redesigned. The control room to the concert hall was relocated to improve sightlines and to be more accessible within the building for teaching.

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Ruddock Performing Arts Centre Gestation

Working with ADP architects and Sound Space Design, the new design team redrew certain aspects of the building with economy in mind. AMPC’s re-design of the theatrical equipment both improved the design and brought down the costs down within Ruddock Hall without omitting any functions.

Ruddock Performing Arts Centre Birth

A fully working performing arts centre that respected the original design and layout of the building was realised but made affordable for the client. The Ruddock Performing Arts Centre opened in April 2012 with a stunning performance of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana and Rimsky Korsakov’s Sheherezade by the pupils.

Activities, shows & life of the project

The school has used all performing spaces to the full putting on elaborate musicals as well as concerts and theatre in many different formats afforded by the design.