The Princess Royal Performing Arts Centre Guernsey

Transforming from one space to two

The Guernsey Education department desired a versatile performance venue fit for receiving music and theatre artists and teaching acting and technical theatre.

Guernsey College of Further Education, Guernsey, UK.
Atkins Walters Webster

The Princess Royal Performing Arts Centre




The Princess Royal Performing Arts Centre Conception

AMPC were brought in late into this project and devised a form of theatre that could be one space or divided into two with a temporary proscenium. AWW, the architects, incorporated these concepts into their design.

The Princess Royal Performing Arts Centre Gestation

AMPC developed the concept of a movable bridge that tracked the whole length of the theatre, enabling technicians to access lights at the same time as the seating was being reconfigured.  This was key technical factor in maximising ease of operations for the client, changing from one format to another.

This lighting bridge can also be locked in position to form the head of the proscenium arch or can be moved to any position along the entire length of the auditorium. The sides of the proscenium are formed by tormentor panels attached to the lighting gantry. Hinged proscenium boxes focus the audience view towards the stage.

AMPC proposed seating side balconies that stepped to centre of the room with a higher standing balcony behind for increasing the audience capacity on occasion.

The space can be configured into a flat floor, raked seating for 300 and 400 for in the round: a seating pit creates the stage riser with minimal excavation in a rock substrate.

The Princess Royal Performing Arts Centre Birth

The centre opened in 2001 and has been home to countless productions since.

Activities, shows & life of the project

The Princess Royal PAC is the only purpose-built theatre and music space on Guernsey and therefore plays hosts to all events.

As part of the further education college, it is the main rehearsal space for the Island’s Schools Music Service and it trains technical skills for the island and beyond.