Tafelmusik Toronto, Canada

Concert hall and church combined

Tafelmusik wanted to improve the audience experience at their home for orchestra and chamber choir, visually and acoustically and reduce the changeover required each week to create the temporary stage for the church.

Toronto, Canada
Tafelmusik, Toronto, Canada
ERA Architects





Tafelmusik Conception

With Sound Space Design, AMPC had contributed to feasibility studies exploring the client’s goal of a revitalized church and concert home that celebrates Trinity St Paul’s United Church as a centre of the faith, justice and art in the City of Toronto.

With ERA conservation architects, the priorities were established to concentrate on the church, its improvements for rehearsal, flexible performance (namely concert), worship and disabled access while preserving the intimacy, spirituality and historic feel of the space.

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Tafelmusik Gestation

With ERA and SSD, AMPC created a permanent stage for Tafelmusik and worship in front of the wall of the existing organ.

The sightlines in the balcony, particularly at the sides were analysed and improved along with the comfort of the historic balcony pews with upholstery and ergonomics adjustments.  A dedicated wheelchair platforms increases accessibility.

Acoustically the surfaces of the lower part of the church were adjusted to make the early instrumental orchestral sound and choral singing more enveloping, engaging and lively with greater impact.

Tafelmusik Birth

Trinity St Paul opened in 2013 to great musical acclaim.

The audience welcomed the increased comfort and ameliorated sightlines as well as the greatly improved sound.

Activities, shows & life of the project

Trinity St Paul continues to produce calibre concerts to an appreciative audience: Tafelmusik is one of the most prolific orchestras in the world.